Weather Pattern Unchanged Through XMAS – Warm/Dry/Windy in the West – Cold/Wet/Snowy on the East Coast

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Quick Update –  Pattern unchanged until XMAS, as the High pressure ridge amplifies this week, with Santa Ana winds in So Cal, Dry and warm days, cool nights. For those of you who live in CA, strong high pressure ridge will be in place practically the whole month of December. While the West Coast is under high pressure, the East Coast will be under very cold/snowy, and often times blustery weather.  This pattern will be place most of the month of December, so for those of you on the EC, get ready for some PV’s starting later this week. In fact, look at the graphic below:

GFS Forecast for December 18th.  (click to enlarge) Showing more of the same……..

Folk, if you are looking for a snowy/cold forecast out west, you will need to go to the Midwest/East Coast for cold/snowy conditions.  West Coast will be high and dry most of this winter, while the Midwest/East Coast will experience a severe winter, after sitting the last 2 out.

More tomorrow……

Dr. J

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