Polar Vortex/Nor’easter on the East Coast/Summer on the West Coast

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Update Saturday Morning; 3/11:

For those of you who live in the NY-Tri State area be prepared. Forecast models depict a much deeper surface coastal low which will collide over the NY area with very cold artic air starting on Monday night through Wednesday am. 2+ Feet of snow could impact the area. Be prepared!

I will look at models tomorrow night for another updated discussion!!

Take this time to get your snow blowers, food and salt!

Good Luck!!




Folks – Quick Update –

For those of who are in the Northeast, get prepared for a possible Nor’easter from Monday to Wednesday. Latest global models show the bulls-eye in the NY/Tri-state area. See the forecast model image below for Monday night/Tuesday AM:


(Click to Enlarge)

As you can see, the bulls-eye is right in the Tri-state area. Depending on where the surface low goes (100 miles north or south), will depend on how many feet/inches of rain/snow that region will get. This situation needs to be watched, as NYC could get up to 2ft of snow, if the models verify and the low pulls north and brings in polar air!! 20’s and teens are in the cards for the next week in NYC/Tri-state area!! Stay Tuned on this developing weather system.

As for the rest of the country, nothing has change at all. The ridge of high pressure will amplify and get stronger starting Sunday. We could see record breaking heat in the LA area next week, with highs close to 90+ or…..do I say 100 degrees??? Yes…there is a chance for 100’s to hit the deserts in the southwest.  Look at the 6-10 day NOAA CPC graphic released today:


(click to enlarge)

The image above speaks for itself.  For those of you back east, the PV will be intense for the next 10 to 14 days. Out west will be summer/beach weather. I don’t expect this pattern to shift/change until at the very earliest,  maybe the week of 20th of March. All teleconnections patterns are pointing to a 3 week climate cycle, so the week of March 20th will be the 3rd week of the cycle. Until then…..stay warm/cool, wherever you are!!! Be prepared if you are in the NYC area!!!

Next update on Monday! Enjoy your weekend!!


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