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Quick Update on 2/24……


I will be updating everyone this afternoon for the weekend forecast, which has changed for California and for the rest of the country. There is a big pattern change that will effect the US starting on Tuesday, in which storms in the plains/midwest, and cold/possible snowy conditions in the Northeast. The West Coast will THAW out, as the rainy cycle is coming to an end, as 70 to 90 degree weather is coming in CA! Stay Tuned!!!






Quick Update tonight –

***Another Storm is coming more and more likely for California for this weekend. Details are still sketchy, but timing/strength/and location are yet to be pinned down. I will have more information on the weekend’s storm for tomorrow’s update, as forecast models become better in tune with the weekend’s forecast. For now, all of CA should have a few days of cold and dry weather until the next system impacts CA.

**After the storm exits CA on Tuesday of next week, it will head towards the Northeast, and deliver a mixture of rain and sleet by the end of next week. More details to follow.

**California, and for the most part, most of the West Coast will experience something they haven’t had all of this winter…..a prolong period of dry/warm weather. Forecast models and NOAA/CPC models are spitting out a 10 to 14 day warm/dry cycle, starting from March 1st, through the middle of March.  If this hemispheric pattern takes shape, we are looking at a winter to return to the Midwest/Northeast for the first part of March, and early summer to take shape on the West Coast. Stay tuned for this pattern change, as it will help the people in California catch their breathe from a historic winter. On the flip side, it might make the snow melt to fast, for the reservoirs/dams. I am monitoring this change and will advise……


More tomorrow………..



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