Red Flag Warnings again in SoCal…….Be Safe!

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Quick Update –

Red Flag warnings are up again for SoCal, as very hot, windy temps are back in the forecast through Monday for California.  Conditions are so dry in California, that fires are a possibility. See the updates from the NWS below.



After Monday, the pattern flips 180 degrees. I am not totally sold on these solutions for SoCal for how much rain and when, but will refine it by Sunday night, as the models will be within the 3-5 day window for accuracy.



More tomorrow night when I have a chance to dig into the models, and discuss my winter forecast. The West Coast will get a late start for the winter 19-20 party, whereas the Northeast will get going in early December. They already have a near miss on a coastal storm to deal with this weekend, with a wintry mix.

For those of you in California this weekend, be vigilant on the upcoming winds and hot temps. Fires will pop up! Be safe!



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