Major Heatwave effecting the Midwest/Northeast moves to the Southwest later this week!!!

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Quick Update today –

As most of you know, the Midwest/Northeast is being effected by a huge high pressure system that has given those regions a very prolonged major heatwave.  In NYC, temps have been around 100 degrees for the past few days, with a few more days above 90 degrees. This coupled with humidity levels around 90%, makes everything unbearable. This high pressure system called a ‘subtropical ridge’, is going to retrograde west, and park itself over the 4 corner state region and give the Southwest their first heatwave this season. Folks, from coast to coast, this high pressure ridge will  create extreme heat, winds and possible fires!!!!  Be vigilant for heat stroke, fires, and your loved ones/pets….as this is going to be serious heat. Furthermore, the marine layer/onshore flow will disappear on the Cali coast by Thursday, giving away to onshore winds, and temps close to 100 degrees at the coast from Friday to Sunday. Below are the forecasted temps from the NWS LAX:

(Click to Enlarge)

Excessive heat warnings have been posted all over the Southwest, so be prepared.


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So, how long is this going to last??? Well, the CPC 8-14 day outlooks are below for both precipitation and temps…..and it looks very bleak unless you like hot weather:


(Click to enlarge) – 8-14 Day CPC forecast for Temps




(Click to enlarge) – 8-14 Day CPC forecast for precipitation:

One thing that will occur, is since the eastern pacific is very active with tropical systems, the subtropical high pressure will draw up monsoonal moisture into the southwest, which will give way to flash flooding, heavy rain, and some cooling. Keep an eye out for that, as it is depicted in the 8-14 forecast.

As for the heat, there might be a break of it mid month, but more on that later this week.

Stay Cool and be prepared!!!


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