Long Wave Ridge Retrogrades in Eastern Pacific, as Northeast is Experiencing a Nor’Easter

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Quick update tonight –

As I discussed earlier this week, the Long Wave Ridge in the eastern pacific is in the process of retrograding to 160 degrees west, which will allow the storm track/jet stream to sag down to California  for later this week.  Basically, it will be a 180 degree change of the weather pattern in a 7 day period. Record Hot/high temps will be replaced with below average temps, and rain and snow in the mountains. Reasons for this:

– The PNA index is on the way to flipping to negative from positive, which will allow low pressure to take hold on the west coast.

– The MJO is entering sections 8, 1 and 2, which will allow the Jet stream to hit California

– The long wave ridge hat has been anchored on the eastern pacific, will retrograde westward to 160 degrees west by the Aleutian Islands, which will allow the jet stream to undercut the ridge and have an upper level Low off of the west coast.

More Updates tomorrow, with images from the models to see how much rain/snow CA will get.


As for the Nor-Easter, most of the Northeast north of NYC will get anywhere from 1″ to 4″ of rain. Temps are still in upper 50’s, but if this storm was during the heart of winter……feet of snow will be falling. This is the first good system for the northeast this fall, as this might be the sign of things to come this winter. Stay Tuned!


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